Wakf Lease Agreement

. According to the petitioner, the 4th respondent is acting against the purpose of the Wakf dedication. The 4th respondent has already contacted the wakf board of directors to obtain permission to rent the. Property. The petitioner and other family members are very interested in the well-being of Wakf real estate and have filed an Ext.P2 petition with wakf`s council to find direction for it. 4. Questioned and also to get wakf properties. However, no action has yet been taken to eliminate Ext.P2. Therefore, the petitioner sought direction to WP`s first respondent (C.40085/17).

Provided that a lease between the parties in force at the time of filing is not terminated, expired or valid for other reasons. . The claimant was informed that he was allowed to continue the lease for a further period of three years and ordered him to pay the agreed lease amount to Wakf`s board of directors. Then by another procedure. was a member of the respondent/Wakf`s board of directors. The applicant operates the school by paying the defendant a lease amount. According to the applicant, a procedure of 11.09.2015 of the respondent. The applicant is subject to certain conditions specified therein. Subsequently, the respondent dismissed the Superintendent of Wakf, Tirunelveli and in another proceeding on 05.01.2016. (2) The penalty for the granting of leases under subsection (1) shall be issued by the board of directors in accordance with the procedure set out in section 32 (2) (2) (j) of the Act. Agreement on the rental of the Wakf property for the maintenance of the Wakf estate (3) The waqf property for rent is maintained by the tenant.

(3) The Mutawalli or the board of directors shall lease the property to a person, organization or company that proposes to pay a higher rent. . Failure to consider the complainant`s application to rent the Wakf property falls within the competence of the Wakf Board and any irregularity or illegality of its examination falls under the jurisdiction of the . Jurisdiction of the Court of Justice.8. We were also informed that the lease was granted for a period of 11 months and that, according to the lawyer, the lease has not yet been granted for the complainant. bride. In both cases, within a reasonable time after the lease expires, we have no doubt that Wakf`s Board of Directors will consider the requests of all persons applying for a lease. . The claimant stated that he had not forcibly taken possession of the lands of the Punjab Wakf Board and that the tenants Pritam Singh and Som Singh owned the property of Channel 04. Officials of the Punjab Wakf Board itself handed over the land to Mahinder Singh and Baljinder Singh. 1 of 2 Notice of application of 03.10.2019. Consultation.

Section 52-A of the Wakf Act 1995, registered with City Sunam Police Station, Sangrur District. The terms of the operative part of the decision of 09.09.2019, void that interi. . and leaves no doubt that if Wakf`s board of directors leased a property that was not used as a cemetery and the lease was entered into before the Amending Act 2013, the lease does not. Existence.. .

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