Plan Management Agreement

If you have this agreement, avoid potential problems and misunderstandings later. The NDIS is surrounded by strict rules and compliance services, so if you are considering becoming an NDIS plan manager, you want to make sure you are doing it right. It is important that plan managers are registered with the NDIS. By filling in your data below, you agree to Aver Plan Manager`s provision of financial intermediary services and plan management. You also agree that Aver Plan Manager will pass on information about your plan to appropriate and relevant parties. 2. Significantly affects the performance of their obligations under this agreement, and nothing in the Peak Plan Management service agreement negates or diminishes the legal guarantees of the provision of services that the designated participant/representative obtains in accordance with Australian Consumer Law 2010-Schedule2. 1. As a designated plan manager, Peak is authorized to act on your behalf to request payment of the assistance provided by your NDIS plan and to pay these funds to suppliers. By appointing Aver as a plan manager, you are giving us access to the NDIS funding available to you through your NDIS plan. Aver will have access to this funding via the online portal NDIS (PRODA).

The agreement begins at the beginning of the plan and remains in place until one or both parties notify each other of their intention to terminate the contract. – have the right, authority and ability to enter into this agreement on behalf of a person who may not have the legal capacity; and this agreement is reached as soon as you agree to these terms by clicking on the “I agree” button below. This agreement is governed, among other things, by the Electronic Transactions Act 2000 (Vic). 9. If necessary, support supplier service agreements 4. Agree not to set up a plan management service for people other than you, with the exception of individuals or companies that have the express right to set up a plan management service on behalf of clients.

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