Interchange Agreement With Other Merit Systems

Have served continuously for at least 1 year in the other compensation system prior to appointment under the creditable exchange service agreement for an increase within the rank. See 5 CFR 531.406 (b) (4). Candidates for status or persons with competitive status do not relate to the exempt service of persons who are current or former federal public servants, who do not occupy or hold non-temporary positions in the competition department. Allows any disabled veteran associated with 30% or more on the service to be named non-competitive. An agency cannot designate a worker under an exchange contract in a competitive manner under the conditions listed below. Each exchange agreement sets these conditions. The conditions are not in the federal regulation code. Individuals who do not qualify to be appointed under the exchange contract may apply for a position in competition review or other appointment procedures, provided the person meets all applicable eligibility requirements. Qualified persons may be considered for appointments in the same way that others may be appointed for non-competitive appointments. Appointments are not subject to the provisions of 5 CFR part 335, unless required by agency policy.

The candidate must have completed his last Service Corp, which provided him with a total of 640 hours, including 120 hours in an SPS project within the meaning of 16 USC 1723 (d), over the past two (2) years. The candidate must be between 16 and 30 years of age (included). Notice to active service members who expect to be dismissed or dismissed within 120 days under honourable conditions: you can obtain an interim preference by filing a “certification document” instead of a certificate of declassification or withdrawal from active service, DD 214. A “certificate” is a written document of the armed forces certifying that the service member must be dismissed or released from active service in the military within one hundred and twenty days of the applicant`s presentation of the certificate. Military spouses: The non-competitive administrative authority of the military spouse allows agencies to appoint certain military spouses without resorting to traditional competitive audit procedures. Note: A former employee who also meets the eligibility requirements is considered an employee of the agency whose former employee was last separated. Agencies may use this authority to fill positions that compete with a temporary position (no more than one year), a term (greater than one year, but no more than 4 years) or permanent seniority. The authority does not allow spouses to be appointed through another candidate – it is used at the discretion of an agency. Eligible employees appointed without time limits in the NAFI (Department of Defense Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities) system may include flexible employees working the equivalent of a part-time, intermittent or pre-preparation work plan. To determine your service to charge, you apply the rules in 5 CFR 315.201 (b) (4) below.

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