Dell Annual Software Support Agreement

Premium Support offers 24/7 telephone support, on-site service after remote diagnosis, international support and also unlocks supportAssist functions that automatically detect problems and proactively initiate troubleshooting. Premium Support Plus offers you everything the lower level offers, as well as coverage for accidental property damage caused by falls, spills or power surges. You will also have access to experts who will help you achieve a number of things, such as setting up home networks. B, using software, loading and editing photos, or running data backups. Shift the focus from maintenance to innovation with proactive support and automatic preacher that makes resolution easier. However, my experience of supporting Dell on social media has been bittersweet. Before I noticed that the warranty on this laptop had expired, I asked Dell directly on Twitter, and I asked, “How can I download the new Microsoft Edge browser?” I was unfortunately greeted by a bot who asked for my day of service. He then told me that I didn`t have the warranty and that I couldn`t help, but I sent links for warranty support and call support. Your last resort would be to call Dell directly, which is quite painless, but if you have to connect remotely to someone, you are preparing to spend some of the time on a loading screen. Dell`s general customer service number is 1-800-624-9897, but if you`re looking for technical support, it`s 1-800-999-335.

1 Based on an internal analysis of service tags from February 2017 from July 2009 to February 2017 for the SC series, where the percentage of grade 1 gravity cases in systems is compared to “Optimize for Memory” with systems without you. Actual results may vary. 2 Dell`s accident service is only available for the duration of Dell`s limited physical warranty and excludes theft, loss and damage resulting from fires, floods or other natural acts or intentional damage. The customer may be required to return the device to Dell. Limit of 1 incident qualified per contract year. For more information, please see contracts. NOTE: Availability varies by country. For more information, Dell Channel customers and partners will receive more information. 3 Not available for Linux, Windows RT, Windows 10S, Android, Ubuntu or Chrome products.

SupportAssist for PC proactively detects and prevents Dell: operating system problems, software upgrades, driver updates and fixes, malware, antivirus files, hard drive failures, batteries, memory, internal cables, thermal sensors, sinks, fans, solid state drives and graphics cards.

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