Amq7171E License Agreement Not Accepted

(b) license compliance. SISW reserves the right to incorporate a reporting mechanism into the software to determine the unauthorized use of licenses. The mechanism does not transmit technical or commercial data processed by the customer with the software. 2.4 Taxes. All prices are tax-free and other fees. The Customer undertakes to pay or reimburse SISW or its approved solution partner for the payment of all applicable taxes or taxes, including, but not only, revenue taxes, revenue taxes, taxes on goods and services, excise duties or any other royalties levied by a government authority for the use or license of the customer for products or obtaining services by the customer. If the customer is exempt from VAT or VAT, he must provide SISW or his authorized solution partner with a valid, timely and executed certificate of exemption, a direct wage license or other state-approved documentation. If the client is legally required to deduct income tax or withhold income tax after applying the reductions available under international contracts, the client will make the payment to the appropriate tax authorities without delay and provide immediate official tax revenue or other support from the relevant tax authorities to support a tax relief request. Regardless of the above, the Customer is responsible for all taxes, including withholding tax, and compensates SISW for the provision of licenses to users in geographic areas outside the country where the customer is based on the order.

The solution that was mentioned in this forum thread was to install the grain shell (ksh) and use it to accept the license. The following tasks were included in my Playbook: 8.1 Confidential Information. “confidential information,” any information disclosed by one party or one of its companies related to the other party in this agreement that is identified as confidential or confidential to a reasonable person. SISW Confidential information includes the terms and conditions of this agreement, products, services, IP SISW and any information the customer derives from the calibration of products or services.

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