Self loathing Wednesdays

Every so often, I have a Self Loathing Wednesday. The term was coined back in 2007 by my friend James Getomer, whether he remembers coining it or not. It was a tricky concept to develop, but after much discussion we came to the conclusion that Self Loathing Wednesday would involve eating 2 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts or its equivalent in calories, lying on your couch, and hating yourself. If you’re really feeling bad, you’d also be allowed to buy those 2 for $1 tacos from Jack in the Box. You know, the ones that look like tortillas that were stuffed with poop and then fried in a vat of used pork fat oil from a Chinese restaurant: those tacos.

I’m pleased to announce that last Wednesday was one of the first Self Loathing Wednesdays I’d had in a while. I had a long Google Tasks list of things to do at home that were rather ambitious [learn HTML, draft plan for orphanage in Africa, write mystery novel] but instead I decided to put on fat pants (old college sweatpants cut off unevenly at the knees, also known as my pirate pants), buy and eat an above average-sized block of cheese, and then yawn through an episode of Glee and two of Community. Then, I rolled over, grunted (not really, but it’s a nice touch), and went to bed.

Not gonna lie, it was pretty hot. Stay tuned for a description of my 2nd favorite day, ‘Call Your Mother Mondays.’