Things to avoid trying at home

I have really nappy hair, and have tried countless professional and at-home remedies to turn my mane into that sleek-but-voluminous perfection I envy whenever I flip through the ‘Celebs: They’re just like us!’ section in US Weekly. After flat-ironing and de-frizzing my hair to an inch of its life over the last 26 years, I’ve tested a few things that I strongly advise against:

1. Do not pour a product on your head that ends in ‘oil.’ This applies to jojoba oil, olive oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, etc. Doing this usually results in your friends asking you if you have run a marathon in the last hour, or if your head has majorly overactive sweat glands.

2. Do not rinse with apple cider vinegar. Despite what the internet says, apple cider vinegar does not dry scentless. Rather, it will make your hair smell like a deliciously tangy salad vinaigrette. Even if your hair is slightly less frizzy, your boyfriend will fail to find you attractive due to the pungent (but weirdly delicious!) scent.

3. Do not create a chunky avocado hair mask if you do not happen to have a large amount of Drano on hand. For the record: clogged drains suck big time, plus you will smell like a taco at work.


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