My current workout playlist

I don’t have the most sophisticated taste in music. I’d be lying if I told you I lounged around to classical all day, reading Elizabeth Barrett Browning poems while playing Bach and Beethoven quietly in the background. That would be a bold-faced lie, and deception really isn’t my thing. Weirdly enough, I really do like Elizabeth Barrett Browning. It must be the creepy English major in me.

My current workout playlist looks something like this, and it’s horrifying:

1. Katy Perry and Timbaland ‘If We Ever Meet Again’
2. Ke$ha – ‘Your Love is My Drug’
3. Orianthi – ‘According to You’
4. Lady Gaga – ‘Monster’
5. Katy Perry ‘California Gurls’

I’m aware that these songs all sound the same. I’m also aware that two of five of these songs are sung by the same person. I just wanted you to know

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