New haircut, alarming increase in insecurity

I got my hair cut this past Saturday. Surprising, it went really well! This never happens. No mullets, no mom bob. I really like the cut – Antoine (my new gay BFF) managed to do exactly what I wanted him to, and I now have a cut that kind of resembles Mischa Barton’s in 2005 before she disappeared into D-List celebrity purgatory.

Everyone else seems to like my new hair, too. I’ve been getting stopped in the office bathroom or kitchen with enthusiastic shouts of ‘Loving the do!‘ ‘Did you just get it cut? Wow!‘ and my personal favorite, ‘OMG it looks SO much better than before.

Let’s *noodle* on that last comment. I tend to get this reaction from some people every single time I get my hair done, and every time I feel a little bit like the most popular girl in high school just told me that I look ‘a little less fat.’